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Remote Control
How to pair with the Bluetooth remote control?
Place the remote control within 10 cm of the device, press the “return” and “home” buttons on the remote control at the same time, release buttons when the indicator light flashes continuously. After hearing a “ding” sound, pairing is successful. If pairing fails, exit pairing mode and wait 30 seconds before following the above steps to pair again.
Does the XGIMI Assistant App feature a remote control function?
Yes, it does. The XGIMI Assistant app can work as an alternative remote control, it also features a number of additional useful functions. Step 1: Download XGIMI Assistant on your phone Step 2: Connect your projector to the same Wi-Fi signal as your phone Step 3: Open the XGIMI app on your projector to search for the closest
Can I connect my external speakers to H2?
Yes, you can connect your external speakers to H2 via HDMI (arc), Bluetooth and AUX jack
How to use the XGIMI H2 projector as a Bluetooth speaker?
In projection mode: press the power button on the
How to switch audio track & subtitles?
When playing any video, press the menu button on the remote controller---subtitles /audio track
How to set the video mode: single/cycle?
When playing any videos, press the menu button on the
3D Setting
How to achieve 3D effect?
1) When playing videos, short press the menu button: "video settings" - "3D setup" - choose the related modes. You can see all options: 3D view; 3D to 2D; Convert to 3D 2) When the screen is combined and a blurred picture appears (the dual screen), wear 3D glasses and adjust the buttons on the 3D glasses until you can see the image clearly. It's recommended
Instructions for 3D glasses
Charging time: around 2-3 hours; Power on: press the power button, one flash of the green LED light means the glasses have been turned on. Power off: long press the power button for 3 seconds, the green LED light will flash 3 times. Standby status: after over 5 seconds without 3D signal, glasses will automatically switch to standby mode, the green LED light will flash every 5 seconds USB charging: red indicator light turns on when charging and goes off after becoming fully charged. Low battery mode: when 3D glasses have
Can I watch 3D movies or switch 2D to 3D?
Yes! 3D movies, 2D to 3D, 3D to 2D are all supported.
Can I mirror the screen of my device on H2?
Yes, there are many ways for you to stream content from your device to XGIMI projectors. 1. With Wi-Fi, make sure your device and XGIMI projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi, then mirror the device via Airplay, DLNA, XGIMI Assistant (Android device), Miracast; 2. Without Wi-Fi, turn on the hotspot function (H2/Z6), connect your device with the XGIMI hotspot in the Wi-Fi settings for your device. Then mirror the device via methods mentioned in 1; 3. Wired: HDMI;
Will XGIMI projectors work with other external devices like hard drives, laptops, TV boxes and PS4s?
Yes, you can connect them to your XGIMI projector via the USB or HDMI port.
Can I sideload Android apps onto my XGIMI projector?
Yes, you can download the APK from the Internet and install them via a USB drive: 1. Change the APK suffix to Apk.1 on your computer: e.g. change youtube.apk to youtube.apk.1 P.S.: The suffix limitation will be removed soon, and you will no longer have to change the suffix. 2. Copy the APK to the root directory of the U-disk. 3. Plug the USB into your projector: "File Manager" - "Removable Storage" - "APK " short press ok - choose "Others" - open with "package installer" - "install"
Will the software be supported/updated?
Yes, there will be continuous support and optimization from the XGIMI tech team.
System Instruction
How to turn on/off H2?
Plug in power source, when the blue indicator light goes off, press the power button on the device/remote control
How large can XGIMI H2 project?
Throw ratio is the ratio of the distance from the lens to the screen (throw) to the screen size, when the distance from the
Focus adjustment
Manual-focus: Switch the function key on the remote control to the
Does H2 have a zooming feature?
Yes, you can zoom in or out to adjust the screen. Image Setting - Keystone Correction - Side Projection Mode - Zoom Screen.
Does it support both vertical and horizontal keystone corrections?
Yes! Front projection mode: with auto and manual vertical keystone correction. Side projection mode: with manual horizontal keystone correction (up/down/right/left four corners adjustment)
Can I change the time and date?
Yes! You can change it in General Settings - More Settings (long press the left button on the remote control) - Date and Time
Can I change the fan speed?
Yes! You can change it in General Settings - More Settings (long press the left button on the remote control) - Fan Speed Make sure the fan speed is set to "Auto"
Trouble Shooting
What should I do to avoid audio/video delay?
1) Check whether you have adjusted keystone correction If you have, reset to default and check again. 2) Turn off motion compensation: Image Settings - Video Settings - Image Settings - choose the
What should I do if my projector automatically shuts down?
Automatic shutdown: 1. Check if there is an over-heating report 2. Check the last action before it automatically shut down 3. Check if the fan is still blowing
What should I do if I see a red or yellow screen? 1) Check luminance/brightness For Z4, CC, H1: Check whether you have adjusted "LED Luminance" to "Custom" Mode Picture color will be slightly more yellow in Custom Mode. You can go to "Projection Settings" - " LED Luminance" - then manually adjust luminance mode.
For Z6, H2: Check whether you have adjusted "Brightness" to "High" Mode Picture color will be slightly more yellow in High Mode. You can go to "Image Settings" - " Brightness" - then manually adjust brightness
My projector is overheating, what should I do?
1. Check if the outside temperature is regular (under 40°C) 2. Check if the temperature of the
What should I do if my projector is unable to boot or automatically shuts down?
Unable to boot: Step 1. Check if the indicator light on the adapter is on: 1) If the light is off, try with other power adapters 2) If the light is on, follow the next steps
What should I do if there is an abnormal noise from the fan?
Normally, the noise from the fan would be ≤30 dB. Please make sure you've adjusted the fan to "Auto mode"
How to remove the soap opera effect?
Turn off motion compensation: "Image Settings" - "Video Settings" - "Image Settings" - choose the
My remote control doesn't work, what should I do?
For remote controls with a metal case: 1. Check what indicator light appears when you press any key on the remote. (Red means disconnection or lack of power: it needs to be reset or charged; green means unpaired; blue means successful pairing) 2. If there is no indicator light, please reset your remote by using a needle to press the reset button at the bottom of the remote. You will see the red indicator light blink. After that, press the home and return keys at the same time for three seconds to re-pair the remote with your device 3. Fully charge your remote for at least 3 hours 4. Kindly remove all the connected Bluetooth devices, try to reconnect and pair again, just in case the indicator light is defective "System Setup" - "Connection/Network Setup" - "Bluetooth"
How do I contact XGIMI after-sales team
We have different service systems: Customer support: Business
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