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Keystone correction system
The CC Aurora can project a giant 180-inch screen from almost any angle
Enlighten your life with music
Close the lens cover,
CC Aurora will become a high quality JBL speaker.
The built-in 40mm dual customized JBL stereo with passive bass diaphragm pumps out rich,
lively, high quality sound.
Create your private cinema and gym
Wi-Fi capability makes it easy to project off your phone,
iPad or laptop.
Wireless projection anytime and anywhere.
Exquisite carry bag,
simple and convenient
The product, power adapter and other accessories can all be stored in this little cube
Bring your favorite movie and music in adventures
CC Aurora has large internal storage,
it can store up to 4000 songs and 10 movies in internal system.
Vertical / Horizontal keystone correction
Easily set up the CC Aurora in your living room,
bed room or bathroom without any hassles of finding an optimal angle.
Auto focus to clear image within 3 seconds
CC Aurora is built in with professional high-definition camera,
it can help the system automatically adjusting the focus without manual operation.
Crystal clear picture with square pixel structure
CC Aurora adopts square pixel structure,
comparing to diamond-shaped pixels the image edge is much more smooth and natural,
the text is more clear and sharp.
Ultra long battery life 20,000 mAh built-in large capacity battery ensures the great portability of CC Aurora.
Users can watch up to 8 hours movie (under energy-saving mode and volume lower than 25%) or listen 11 hours music with one time charge.
This is laboratory data which may be different from the actual situation.
The capacity of built-in battery is 73Wh,
which is equivalent to a 20,000mAh/4.2V power bank.
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